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Our 2016 Transportation & Transit Industry Goals

Good morning everyone –

I wanted to start off the new year by continuing to wish everyone in the passenger-carrier transportation and transit industry with our continued Warm Wishes and success with yourselves, your families and your companies’ success.

We continue to have great hope to ensure that our products and services are of value to you for those that we are serving and those that we hope to serve this year and in the years to come.

As we enter the 3rd year of operations, I wanted to personally share an update with you on some of our goals for 2016:

Goal #1 – Last year, we made considerable strides with our ePassenger© and iPassenger© Product Line as we have developed technology platforms for line run services, shuttle transportation operations, public transportation services, para-transit service, tour & charter transportation, school bus operations as well as for companies that provide transportation to their local casinos.

This year, we are continuing to focus on ensuring that if you & your company want to have your own web-based and mobile application platform that is customized to your brand, you will not find a better resource than through our ePassenger© and iPassenger© product line. Additionally, we are making enhancements to our technology platforms that will only improve our underlying technology and will enhance the value of your company above and beyond business transactions and processes while maintaining your current business operations.

Goal #2 – As a part of our business services, we are well-positioned to help your company with fleet financing options in part because of our technology product line and the interest it has drawn. Based on our review of the current capital and credit markets, we are expecting a downturn in both the stock market, which began to accelerate on Friday, as well as credit financing options due to cash flow velocity ratios defined from United States Federal Reserve reports.

We want to make sure that you are best positioned to assist in accessing new credit and capital markets while increasing utilization and value of your passenger-carrier services, hopefully through our technology platforms.

Goal #3 – Our work with the United States Department of Homeland Security will continue through both our technology platforms and through the grant programs that are scheduled for announcement in April of this year.

Last year, United States Transit Funding, Inc. grant clients were awarded funding at a rate of 73% more than the average grant recipient including Intercity Bus Security Grant clients who secured more than $500,000 for only 8 companies. In light of the terror attacks and warnings last year and the beginning part of this year, we are highly motivated to ensure that your companies’ operations are not interrupted because of terror warnings or a terror threat.

Also, we are in Phase II of development for the majority of our ePassenger© and iPassenger© technology clients.

We are squarely focused on additional enhancements of which includes your ability to work with law enforcement and federal agencies like Customs & Border Patrol (CPB) in order to prevent and mitigate domestic terror threats and enhancing your companies’ buses and bus facilities. We will, as always, continue our commitment to help sustain consumer confidence within your industry by helping ensure that a terror event does not occur during your daily operations and not on our watch.

Goal #4 – Our work with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is continuing as we have genuine concerns regarding the utilization of DataQs and how it is particularly utilized by local and state law enforcement and affecting your companies’ safety profile. Additionally, we are working with the industry to ensure that companies and transit agencies are prepared for a new round of audits and investigations under the MAP-21 and the FAST legislative mandates for the FMCSA.

Goal #5 – Continuing on our technology development efforts, we have a pleasant surprise for those that have had historical issues with US Coachways or companies that provide tour & charter services and is seeking to expand market capture. Please stay tuned for an announcement in the next month or so.

Other than that – as always, we are excited for the growth opportunities that we can bring to your passenger transportation services and within your geographical market as we are bringing a focus to your industry and enhancing your business opportunities in your market that you would like to secure.

Very Sincerely and I hope that everyone is having a great start to the New Year,

Barry Lewis, Chief Executive Officer
United States Transit Funding, Inc.

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