United States Transit Funding, Inc.

United States Transit Funding, Inc. Statement on Fort Lauderdale Airport Terror Attack

United States Transit Funding, Inc. Statement on Fort Lauderdale Airport Terror Attack

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United States Transit Funding, Inc. has issued the following statement after last Friday’s terror attack involving a lone wolf gunman who murdered five innocent civilians at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport after more than a 4,000 mile air flight from Alaska.

“We are deeply concerned with last Friday’s terror event at a major intermodal transportation and transit facility where hundreds of passengers were directly impacted by a lone wolf gunman who killed five people at Terminal 2 of the Fort Lauderdale International Airport,” said Barry Lewis, CEO of United States Transit Funding, Inc., ePassenger© and iPassenger©.

“On any given day, hundreds of other private passenger-carrier companies and public transit agencies travel to and from other intermodal transportation and transit facilities of which we continue to call upon public and private entities and companies to work together to mitigate and prevent, rather than having to respond, a domestic terror attack including through enhanced baggage and passenger screening,’ Lewis added.

“Additionally, we feel that it is important to note that there is a considerable disconnect between United States Code (i.e. 18 USC 922) and the ability for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to help ensure that all passengers, be it through the air, on public roads or at intermodal transportation and transit facilities, are safe. The TSA is hamstrung based on the current laws of the land,” Lewis said.

“Because of the limitations in 18 USC 922, it makes it all the more difficult to have a continuity of security protocols between one mode of passenger-carrier transportation and another. We hope that our elected representatives within the federal legislative and executive branches consider modifications within the written laws. Our written laws should carefully balance our constitutional rights while protecting the traveling public, starting with limitations on carrying ammunition that is readily available during or following a flight or during the course of a trip,” Lewis concluded.

“In 10 days, the President-Elects administration will have completed its transition in order to assume the great responsibility to uphold the laws of the land and manage all of our executive agencies, including the United States Department of Homeland Security. We look forward to briefing incoming administration staff regarding the opportunities, barriers and shortcomings within written law and its own programs so that outcomes are enhanced.”


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