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iPassenger© Mobile Application Platform Goes Live on September 15th

iPassenger© Launches As The Direct Competitor to Uber For The Passenger-Carrier Transportation Industry
– Enhances Passenger & Public Safety
– Link To App Available September 15th on ePassenger© and iPassenger© Websites

United States Transit Funding, Inc., a Proud Partner of the American Bus Association and the Trailways Transportation System, is pleased to announce that its iPassenger© mobile application product line is live and available on September 15th.

“We are pleased to announce that our iPassenger© platform will be available on September 15th throughout the United States for all Google and Android users,” Barry Lewis, Chief Executive Officer of United States Transit Funding, Inc.

Through iPassenger©, any passenger traveling in the United States will receive timely and accurate information, such as real-time and geo-located road, weather and information enhancing passenger and public safety, including Amber Alerts. Additionally, it will present a interactive platform for anyone in the United States to book, reserve and pay for any form of trip offered by the passenger-carrier transportation industry.

“It has been the goal of our company to provide this form of ground breaking technology in order to enhance passenger and public safety while increasing the commercial value of each private company or public entity that provides a mode of transportation throughout the United States,” Lewis added. “Through iPassenger©, we continue to be prepared to help the domestic transportation and transit industry achieve this important goal,” Lewis added.

As a part of its commitment to enhancing passenger and public safety, United States Transit Funding, Inc. can customize its entire iPassenger© product line for any private company or public entity providing a mode of transportation and for any mobile device that has been made available to consumers within the last five years.

“On the eve of 9/11, our primary goal has been and will be our duty to honor the innocent lives that were lost as a result of the actions of terrorists,” Lewis said. “As a part of my professional and personal commitment to eradicating domestic terrorism, we have and will continue to do the work needed to ensure that any and all forms of terror threat or act is mitigated and eliminated through the development of the secure, iPassenger© information exchange network and in concert with the efforts of federal, state, county and local law enforcement.”

At the same time, United States Transit Funding, Inc. has taken and will continue to take the necessary steps to help the Department of Transportation-regulated industry by ensuring that it has the form of technology products needed in the face of growing, competitive pressure from companies like Uber.

“Uber is a tremendous player within the demand-response transportation and transit sector and its rise has been ground-breaking. In the meantime, there is a significant need to ensure that private companies and public entities can grow and enhance its value in light of new players like Uber,” Lewis said. “Our iPassenger© product line, in combination with our ePassenger© product line, can and will serve notice that the regulated industry should be able to meet the travel demands of the public.”

Since the beginning of the year, United States Transit Funding, Inc. has been conducting on-going technology development by building a secure informational exchange network so that all passengers in the United States can go to and from any major urban market and small, rural markets, like Hometown, Pennsylvania.

Over the last six months, the product development team at United States Transit Funding, Inc. has built, for example, an informational exchange network that includes over 1,100 cities and towns with more than 7,500 schedules with room to grow within its eTicketing solution.

“One of our business goals is to ensure that there is a redundant national transportation system in the United States so that companies can interline with each other and through any mode of transportation, including motor coach, rail, ferry and air,” Lewis added. “As a participant of the vast transit specification resources available, we are confident that we will continue to meet the goals set forth within Travel Demand Management (TDM) strategies as well as the National Preparedness goals set forth within the United States of America.”


“Dedicated to the Memory of John C. Henwood, PGP, Cantor Fitzgerald – We Will Never Forget”

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